After the storm

Select Gardens’ first task for the New Year has been to help with the clean up operation taking place after the worst storms in more than 20 years.

The atrocious weather has changed the appearance of many of the gardens we maintain across Sussex and Kent with both coast and country equally affected.  Since the beginning of the year, our team has been kept busy clearing the debris with chainsaws, rakes and brooms in addition to our usual seasonal maintenance tasks.

Across the many gardens we maintain, trees have been felled by the gales or are missing massive limbs, shrubs have been uprooted and numerous fence panels blown over.  We even had to relocate a summerhouse 12ft back to its rightful place.

It’s been a sad start to the New Year, seeing the devastation at some of the grounds we maintain. Even many of the plants and shrubs that I would usually recommend to withstand more exposed areas have suffered badly in the powerful storms.

While the weather may have been bad, some plants are more resilient than we might expect. Cordylines will often resprout from the base, reinventing themselves as attractive multi-headed plants. And while the storms may have cleared away more than just dead wood, it is nature’s way of presenting gardeners with a new opportunity – a new gap to fill or potentially a new feature for the garden.

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