So long, weeds…

At Select Gardens we are committed to reducing the amount of herbicides we use.

One way of achieving this is to ensure these chemicals are targeted as precisely as possible, reducing risk of breathing in droplets by our staff, customers and passers by. Exact application onto the weed itself also helps protect wildlife and the environment by reducing herbicide drift.

For the coming 2013 season, we have invested into equipment which will vastly reduce the volume of herbicides we apply. We’ll be using the Nomix Enviro Dual Total Droplet system, which works in two ways. Firstly, as a fast working contact herbicide, it cuts down on chemical usage by precision targeting but the same application also has a residual effect, stopping seedlings from germinating for up to six months.

The premixed cartridge system also reduces the amount of chemical waste as you don’t need to mix up the formula. There’s another big plus with that – it will save more of that very precious commodity in the coming growing season… time!

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